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Huh, I just noticed that my blog wasn't being rendered in IE8 standards mode, but rather in IE7 compatibility mode. I pretty much wrote this blog to work in IE8 mode, so it's silly that it doesn't. Since the compatibility view button doesn't show up, it means that something has decided to put that site into compatibility mode automatically for me.

Since my user-controlled compat list is empty, the other likely culprit is the automatic list of domains pushed down by microsoft periodically. I bet that blogspot.com is in the compat list. I guess that makes sense, since there are probably a lot of blogs on here that were written for IE7.

Anyway, with the addition of the X-UA-Compatible meta tag, now it's actually in "edge" mode, since I will probably keep it up to date with IE.

potentially little known fact: you can actually specify multiple meta tags in your document. The correct usage is basically to declare what versions of IE you have tested your page with. IE will automatically use the latest mode that it supports. This is kind of an academic point until the day when there are multiple versions of IE out that support the x-ua-compatible meta tag.

links came from the compat view IE blog post.


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