ES6 Promise Types and Errors

I've been working on a new project using NodeJS. Again, I'm using TypeScript for added safety, which means I have to (and want to) play nice with the type system. This code also uses ECMAScript 6 Promises for asynchronous database queries, and I ran into some funny (like funny uh-oh) problems here. But also solutions, so I thought I'd share.


MySQL vs T-SQL Syntax Differences

I'm working on a web app project that uses a SQL backend. I wrote it originally using Ruby and MySQL, and I've been porting it to Azure and Microsoft SQL Server. You'd hope that creating the database schema would be the same for both, because it's all SQL, but nope, that's just wishful thinking. SQL has many flavors, and each of them support certain different things. T-SQL (which is what's used on Microsoft SQL Server) seems to lack some nice features MySQL had, which makes me sad.