A Dad Alone

I've missed um, months of dadblogs. That's my bad. It's not like baby G has been sitting still (oh no, much to the contrary, as we'll get into), but I just didn't quite have enough to write about for a while, and I've been busy doing other stuff on my usual bus rides--writing code, mostly. I actually started writing this a whole month ago but didn't finish it promptly. Now half of this blog is obsolete, because he's constantly changing, so I had to insert some updates! Punishment for procrastination.


Index Types in TypeScript

When working on dksfight, I needed to make some global maps to cache various things. Some of these maps were indexed by an integer, and others were indexed by strings. The values stored in the maps were various different types, doesn't matter. The keys presented a problem, though.


When is an UPDATE actually a SELECT?

While I was working on dksfight, which was built with the mssql NodeJS package and Microsoft SQL server, I had a few places that used an UPDATE statement to modify some rows in the table. This is a short post about a snag I hit with these UPDATE statements in mssql.


Into the Blue Clouds

It's nice to get feedback from your peers. I made a thing a while back, but I didn't tell many people about it because I had reservations. I solicited feedback from my peers about it, and I decided the thing I made had problems I needed to resolve before I felt good about releasing it. Well, I've now solved those problems, so I'm ready to tell the world about the thing I originally created, the feedback I got, and how I incorporated it to make something neat.