Two Weeks of New Life

Let me take you through some of the stuff that happened in this almost-two-weeks. This is kind of a rambling post with a lot of different stuff in it.


Pregnancy Is Hard; Babies Are Soft

So I guess I'm a dad now. That's pretty weird to think about, and it still hasn't quite set in. It's also weird to think about the fact that it happened in literally seconds. One second the baby was still inside my wife, who was at the time undergoing a c-section, and the next second they said from over the sterile curtain, "Dad, look!" as they hoisted the baby up, and that's all it took.


VimScramble and the Dreaded Backchannel

Ahhh, with the release of Vimscramble squarely behind me, I can turn my thoughts to topics of writing more about Vimscramble, because I'm definitely not done!

That first post was tame, an overview, barely an abstract or a synopsis. Now we dig into the fun stuff, the clanking machinery needed to bring it to life. Blieve you me, there's quite a bit of it. This is the post I've been looking forward to writing for a while, so I hope you're ready to put on your debugging hat.


VimScramble: It's Out Now

About a month ago, I found myself doing one of the nerdiest things I can ever recall doing in my life: I was frying up 3 eggs in a slightly worn pan, but not to eat (not primarily, anyway). I was about to pose the scrambled eggs in the shapes of letters on the frying pan and take photos of them for use in a font. I only needed the letters ABCEILMRSV. Perhaps you can guess what I intended to spell?

It's VERB CLAIMS, of course! The hot new game I've been working on!

Oh wait, it's in the blog post title, isn't it? BAA!