I started reading the hard-bound copy of gunnerkrigg court today that we purchased from the dude who does it. it's pretty rad. I especially like all the mythology and classics references.

my latin is getting rustier by the day, but i think "ora lege relege labora et invenies" means something like "speak, read, study, work, and you will discover"

when this book is done with (already halfway through after less than an hour) i'll probably continue reading on the site, or maybe even order the next one. i think there's a next one...



i'm on the bus now. apparently all the lights went out on the busiest street right outside work, so everything ground to a halt. my bus was delayed for over an hour, while it was pretty windy and a bit rainy out there

what surprised me is just how many people were also delayed. there must have been over a hundred people waiting out there with me, and about 10 special buses (for other routes) arrived while i was waiting. i guess i didn't realize just how many different routes run during this time.


new netbook

i got my wife a new netbook yesterday. it's (another) acer aspire one. this time it's a D250 rather than a A105 or whatever I have that I'm using on the bus to write this post. I just looked on the bottom, and mine's an AOA-150. It's thinner than mine, has a bigger screen than mine, and seems pretty rad overall. I put win7 and office 2010 on it last night, and it seems to be doing fine. a little jealous