The Formula Formula

This is a dadblog, but it's not really about baby G's development, for once. You might say this is about my development as a parent. As baby G has been growing, so too has the amount of food he eats (well, drinks, at this point). He started out drinking a mere 2-3 oz. of breast milk per feeding. Eventually, we weaned him off of that and switched to formula entirely. We buy Gerber Soothe, which our doctor recommended because the Enfamil and Similac gave him the rankest gas you can imagine and he always felt kind of bloaty.


Ruby MySQL Concurrency

I lamented the other day that there is a paucity of information out there about Ruby+MySQL. Really, I was able to find basically one decent site, and even that seemed to gloss over some details in the area of concurrency and transactions. I wanted to know a bit more about how this works, so I ran some experiments.


Hootin' and Hollerin'

We've now crossed the three month point for little baby G, and he just keeps developing at a steady pace, surprising us almost daily with weird, cool, and cute new things he starts doing and phasing out other behaviors like old clothes. Speaking of clothes, he really is outgrowing them constantly. Every week we have to go through his sleepers and figure out which ones still fit him. My wife has a constant task of seeking out cheap, new clothes.