What's That Doing

[Insert long apology about being tardy yet again with a dadblog]
[Insert excuses about being busy with work and whatever]
[Insert usual trite announcement that many things have changed since last blog]

Last time I wrote he was talking a bit. Saying individual words. And then a month or so later, something abruptly changed. You know, those big changes seem to come in the span of just a few days. I remember it back when he was learning to walk, and it happened again with saying phrases.


Imitation and Recognition

Once again I waited probably too long between blog posts. It's been about five months since the last one, which is like three thousand years in baby time. I don't know why I didn't write. Baby G has changed in so many ways since then, there's an endless catalog of things to write about. Not that it wasn't all along, but it's been such a joy to spend time with him. He's clearly not a "baby" anymore. He's basically a little boy now. He acts like a person trying to figure out how the world works. It's fascinating and delightful to witness.


Just Our Little Guy

Oh boy, this one is going to be a long one, because I wrote half of it and then stopped writing it for a couple months. A couple months in baby time is, of course, like a hundred years, so there's a lot to go over. I really gotta get more timely about these.

One year has come and gone for baby G. At this point, he's over 14 months old. When do I have to stop calling him that, anyway? Maybe when he eventually uses his words to tell me to stop it. Am I a bad father for not writing a Happy Birthday blog? I'd better do that now, huh? The birthday festivities were fun. Let me tell you about them, for the record. A baby's first birthday is his most important, you know (this is patently untrue).


Advent of Code Day 14 Parallelization

Ahhh, the holidays are a wonderful time of the year. What? No, it has nothing to do with Christmas, or snow, or vacation. OK, maybe that last one. But especially because of the annual return of Advent of Code, an advent calendar of small programming puzzles that releases gradually throughout the month of December. The puzzles are self-contained, but some are still pretty tricky. It's a great way to expand your horizons or learn a new language.