VimScramble and the Dreaded Backchannel

Ahhh, with the release of Vimscramble squarely behind me, I can turn my thoughts to topics of writing more about Vimscramble, because I'm definitely not done!

That first post was tame, an overview, barely an abstract or a synopsis. Now we dig into the fun stuff, the clanking machinery needed to bring it to life. Blieve you me, there's quite a bit of it. This is the post I've been looking forward to writing for a while, so I hope you're ready to put on your debugging hat.


VimScramble: It's Out Now

About a month ago, I found myself doing one of the nerdiest things I can ever recall doing in my life: I was frying up 3 eggs in a slightly worn pan, but not to eat (not primarily, anyway). I was about to pose the scrambled eggs in the shapes of letters on the frying pan and take photos of them for use in a font. I only needed the letters ABCEILMRSV. Perhaps you can guess what I intended to spell?

It's VERB CLAIMS, of course! The hot new game I've been working on!

Oh wait, it's in the blog post title, isn't it? BAA!