windows 7 virtualization

I just took the plunge and upgraded my main machine at home from vista to win7. actually, I didn’t really upgrade. I clean installed because I had some old cruft I wanted to clean out. For example, now I gave 100 gb to my system drive, to account for updates and stuff that inevitably end up on there.

one of the things I’d heard about in win7 was the so-called “xp mode” where you can run an XP virtual machine without having to really install any extra virtualization software. sure enough, you can get Windows Virtual PC as an update to win7. It’s basically like running vpc 2007, but it feels snappier for some reason.

i was easily able to get my linux vpc set up and running. i had to edit the vmc file to get the ethernet address on the vm set properly, but other than that, it seems to work great.

yet another reason why windows 7 is cool


Taisha said...

heh heh...you said "cruft"

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