finding the wrong bugs

Has it ever happened to you that when you are trying to investigate the cause of some particular symptom, you find a bunch of other bugs in the process? This sometimes happens to me. Usually I'm totally baffled by what's going on, and I search through all the code relating to it and end up saying things like, "wow, well that's never going to work," and, "oh, no wonder!" and stuff. And I'll fix these various things I found, but it still won't fix the problem.

and then it'll turn out it was just that i had my inputs wrong.or the bug was in totally some different place. and then i'm sometimes left wondering how that ever worked in the first place. usually I'm annoyed enough to figure out the why of that too.

i get the feeling this is one of those universal kinds of behaviors that all programmers run into. just curious if other people do indeed do this.


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