Sandwich Mechanics: Premium Italian? More like Premi-DUMB!

Woohoo, we're gonna crank out these catch-up sandwich blogs like nobody's business. That's not to say I'm going to skimp on the details. Don't you worry about that. We'll apply the appropriate amount of writing to the breads, according to their merits. Speaking of which, this post is going to be, hmm... short.

This time we're talking about Oroweat Premium Italian bread. It looked pretty decent, and I think it was on sale at the grocs shop, so I grabbed it to try out. The loaf is a little longer and wider than Oroweat's usual shorter loaf size, which stood out a bit to me. However, even with this increased size, it felt light. Suspicious.

My suspicions were later confirmed as I started making sandwiches with it. This is a very light bread. It's airy and a bit fluffy, also pretty soft. I guess I'm finding that I prefer heavier breads, because I didn't like these attributes in it, not one bit. The bread felt weak to me. At first it seemed almost belligerent to the idea of a spread, only allowing me to coat the surface somewhat. Later, it soaked it up too much! It wasn't a deal-breaking amount of soaking, but more than I like. Because of its soft and light consistency, pieces towards either end tended to get squashed about. That's not good eatin's.

At least hopefully there is some marevelous taste to make up for this bread of weak constitution...? Not so, I'm afraid. The bread is bland, simply put. The website exalts its "ultimate flavor", but I'm sorry, guys, I just don't get it.

I was hoping for a strong bread maybe with some seasonings. I may get some flak for bringing it up, but Subway Italian bread is not bad. What I got instead was utterly common white bread with no real redeeming qualities. I say skip it and get some potato instead.


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