Sandwich Mechanics: Cranberry Honey Mustard....!?

Been a little while since I wrote one of these. I've been busy writing a little code and playing some games... but we're putting a stop to all that nonsense right now, because it's time for another Sandwich Mechanics.

I've been doing a lot of bread posts lately, but that stops right now, because I have a story for you gentlemen. Just let me tell you....

So there I was in the grocs shop the other day, buying my usual selection of lunchmeat (probably'll write about that eventually), when I spotted something out of the ordinary. Wait, rewind a second. I also mean we're rewinding the clock back to the week before Thanksgiving, 2011, which is when this is taking place.

So I'm at the deli, totally not buying a turkey, because my in-laws rule at making a turkey, and I'm not old enough to yet. The deli at my Safeway has some neat spreads and sauces for sandwiches laid out nearby, and today they had one right up on the counter, as if it's something special.

Oh wait. Wait a second. What is THIS?? Cranberry. Honey. Mustard. I read it in color too. I read it in dazzling, tangily, zestily imagined color. Be cool, Newt, be cool. I glanced around nonchalantly, and it took a real effort of will not to just grab the bottle right now, like an addict.

So that's my story. THE END.

What, you want to know what it's like? It blends the three flavors together beautifully. It's got that slightly bitter, slightly sour cranberry taste that leads off, and that mingles harmoniously with the sharpness of mustard, but it's all tempered by the honey.

It tints the meat in the sandwich with this really great background flavor, but at the same time doesn't overpower anything. Really, it is a very well done spread. If you can find some (they're still selling it as of this week), at $3 for a bottle, I highly recommend it, especially if you like the flavors it purports to have.

I can't quite find a link to it, but this link to Beano's sauces is the closest I can get.


COM 01 said...

DUDE. I implore you to grab dis:


It's delicious on everything. Really.

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