Sandwich Mechanics: How to Wrippity Wrap

It's been like three days since my last sandwich post, wherein I talked about some bread I was eating. Let's not talk about bread this time. Well, we'll talk about sandwiches, which necessarily involve bread, but what I mean is that we won't talk directly about it. It's implied.

I pack sandwiches every day, rather, every day I'm not too lazy or get up late or haven't done the groceries that week or have unexpectedly expired ingredients... anyway, often. I'm an efficiency nut, so I try to do things cheaply and quickly. By "things", I of course include the act of wrapping my sandwiches.

The pedestrian, unenlightened way to wrap a sandwich is, er, not to--why are you wrapping it anyway? Just stuff it in a Ziploc and be done with it, right? Yeah, you could do that, but if you don't want to be a chump, you can pinch a few pennies1 and have a little fun in the process.

My preferred alternative to the Ziploc is plastic cling wrap. It doesn't matter what kind you get, but, as we'll see, the cutting mechanism on the box can make a difference. I prefer Kirkland Signature Plastic Wrap2, because I'm a Costco junkie.

I've developed a quick and easy procedure to do the wrapping. I imparted this knowledge to some of my friends who came in to visit for PAX, and now it is time to pass it on to you. I hope you'll be as amazed as they were.

The Procedure

First, pull out some plastic wrap onto the counter and use the cutter thingy to cut it. Having a nice clear counter like this is super useful, but I'm sure you can make do with whatever. The sliding cutter on the box is really useful, much better than the serrated blade, because handling plastic wrap without it getting caught on itself is sticky business.

Put the sandwich in the middle of the wrap, length-wise like shown in the picture.

Now grab the top of the wrap and bring it down over the sandwich.

Likewise, grab the bottom and fold it up over the sandwich.

Fold the left side over the sandwich. I find it helps to put my hand in place to have somthing to fold over.

Take the whole sandwich in your hand and fold it to the right, which is equivalent to folding the right side over it. I just find it quicker this way.

Pat down your sandwich to seal the wrapping. Now you've got a happy sandwich, all snug in its plastic home!

1. Actually, if you have good tupperware containers, you could put your sandwiches in those and pinch all the pennies. There are considerations for this too. For example, they take up room in the dishwasher, and maybe you don't want to reuse them without washing them.

Also, you'll want a box that fits the sandwich properly. In particular, it shouldn't be too large or tall, or else the bread might slide around. There's nothing really binding a sandwich together (like cheese binds pizza to some extent), so the container has to preserve the integrity until you're ready to eat.

2. ilovecostco.com has to be the most upper-middle-class-American thing ever to exist... except maybe this blog series itself.


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