mass effect 2

I started playing mass effect 2 today. it seems to be better in pretty much every way compared to the first one, which I also liked a great deal. I managed to make my main character just a little weird looking, by accident. so yeah, that’s cool I guess.

some people may be annoyed that they removed such fundamental RPG concepts as armor and weapon management, but actually, I’m not really missing it. the loadout system gives me some choice about it while not making me constantly manage my inventory. and face it, if you played through ME1 you are undoubtedly familiar with how much time was spent in inventory management. ugh.

the one other thing that is just downright bad is that the cool “special” armors like the cerberus armor and blood dragon armor have helmets that, while they look cool (I guess), totally obscure your face. the facial animation has gotten even better since ME1. characters raise their eyebrows, avert their eyes, and make faces with their mouths, and I really kind of want to see shepherd doing those things during conversations. furthermore, conversations are a pretty big part of mass effect. apparently there is a thread on the bioware forums clamoring for an option to remove your helmet. I (and 15 pages worth of people in the forum) hope they address that in an update.

currently a level 7 sentinel. exciting! the scene where you first see the new normandy gave me goosebumps. it was really well executed, cinematically and musically.


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