cuttin on my finger

I managed to cut my left index finger last night while cutting through some english muffins to make breakfast sandwiches. I held the muffin in my left hand and cut with a gigantic bread knife down towards my hand, like an idiot. it cut a little too smoothly by accident, and I ended up slicing the tip of my left index finger.

now I have the opportunity to observe what daily activities I absolutely need that part of my body for. the good news seems to be that I don’t really use it for much that I couldn’t use my left middle finger for instead.

  • pulling the left trigger on my xbox 360 controller. I don’t know how well I’d adjust to doing this with my middle finger. I think that would throw off my grip a lot
  • wiping water out of my eyes. not a critical dependency

hm, nothing else comes to mind right now. I may update later if I think of something.


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