burgers round here

Somewhere randomly I saw a sign advertising for this article in the Seattle Metropolitan magazine about the best burgers in the area. I found a link to it today (on an ad on Facebook, of all things), and I have to say I’m a little disappointed.

No Five Guys? I realize it’s a chain, and not even from around here, but come on, their burgers are huge and awesome!

No Triple X? You can get a burger as big as your face (no joke) with hot dogs across it as toppings. Their patties are a little thin, but that’s just a different style, right? I don’t see that necessarily as a mark against their burgers.

I did also click their link for other notable burger places.

That being said, the pictures in their article showed some pretty rad burgers. Despite my annoyance at my favorite establishments not being recognized, I might end up checking out some of them. What can I say? I’ve come to the relatively recent realization that burgers might just be my favorite food.


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