random haps 2/2/2011

waddap. haven't been doing the regular blogging thing much. most of what I've written lately is on my destructoid blog instead. I find that, not surprisingly, more people read it, so if I have something coherent to say about games, that's the natural choice.

my wife read a thing somewhere about a dude who stopped bathing with soap, and how it didn't really affect them. I was pretty skeptical at first, since if I don't use soap when I bathe, I get fairly greasy, but I decided to give it a try anyway. To be clear, I still shower once a day, and I still scrub myself down. I just don't use soap for that.

Week 1: felt like a grease ball before, during, and after every shower. It was a bit gross, but not as gross as you might think. I also didn't smell bad or anything, so at least there's that.

Week 2: not much different than week 1.

Week 3: most of my body is no longer that oily before, during, or after the shower. notable exceptions are head, face, ears, neckbeard, lower back, and outsides of my arms near my shoulders (what the...?).

Week 4: all exceptions from before are still oily, but I also mega need a haircut, so maybe that will help with the head at least.

Surprisingly (though not if you think about it a bit), my showers actually take longer now than they used to, because I have to vigorously scrub myself to feel clean, not just wipe all over with soap. That is, I'm now manually doing the work that soap was doing before.


Games I finished recently:

  • alan wake DLCs
  • Digital: A Love Story
  • Enslaved (not as good as I hoped, but not bad)

now playing:

  • red dead redemption
  • dead space


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