efficiency: laptop battery life

i think about weird stuff all the time. I guess most people do, but think their own weird stuff is weirder than others' weird stuff. one category of weird stuff i think about is efficiency. kind of like the dad from cheaper by the dozen (great book, by the way). he's a motion efficiency expert, which seems like a pretty rad job to me.

when i turn off my laptop, i always think about when i will next use it. if it's going to be within the next 15 minutes, i'll put it into sleep mode. if it's going to be longer than that, i'll put it into hibernate. the idea being that the additional power needed to shut down and start up the laptop "costs" a certain amount of time in sleep mode. I haven't scientifically figured out what that threshold is, so i've set it mentally based on convenience.

what if i'm not sure? well, my laptop is set to go into hibernate automatically after 20 minutes, so if i'm not sure, i'll put it in sleep mode, knowing that if i don't turn it back on, it will shut itself off after a while. pretty sweet power saving capabilities in windows makes this possible.


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