the special bus

I'm writing this as I ride the special bus to work today. That's right, my work has a special bus just for full time employees. The bus routes travel all over the place, and there's one that runs pretty much directly to a couple miles from my house (my new house - the one I just bought).

Today is my first day riding it instead of the regular metro bus, and I have to say this is a huge step up. The bus has not one but 3 free wifi access points inside (it's one of those long charter buses). It has nice, comfortable seats. It's basically empty, so I get a pair of seats to myself. I reserve a seat online, so I am guaranteed to have room. It has a total of 4 stops along its route (versus about 7 or 8 for the regular bus), so the ride is quicker. Since everyone on here is a working professional, there isn't the loud dude pontificating about his views on life and politics to everyone around or the thug kids talking about their late night escapades.

The stop for this bus wasn't close enough before that it was worth it for me to drive all the way over to catch it, but now, special bus, I'm pretty sure I'll be riding you two times a day, up and back.

Addendum: I've found two other things that make this bus awesome. Firstly, consistency. This bus leaves on time, and by "on time" I mean not early. So if I plan to get to the stop by 8:25, I know that the bus, which is scheduled to leave at 8:27, won't have left yet.

Secondly, I noticed today there are freaking power outlets along the walls. As I write this, I am charging my laptop and using it. That's insanely cool.


your wife said...

haha my husband is riding the special bus now
that is because he is special

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