barn cover reborn

This is not the first iteration of this blog. It was formerly hosted on the ill-fated Fallen Earth, where I mainly just wrote about random programming stuff, mainly about Ruby. We’ll see whether the same thing happens again.

If I can get the full set of posts (there were only like 5 or 6) from the old version, I’ll probably back-post them if it’s not too much trouble to edit them for this setting. I’m still trying to track down the admin, who hopefully has a hard drive that still contains them.

I think I’ve edited the theme sufficiently to get decent looking code snippets working, which is really the main feature I needed out of a blogging service. Still, I’m writing some local scripts to transform posts in the form I write them into the form that I can copy and paste in to the site. This involves things like escaping HTML within <pre> tags and removing unwanted line breaks, but ones that make it easy to write. I plan to check in the hand-written files into an svn repository, because I can’t think of a reason not to store pretty much anything under version control. “Why not?” is what I ask myself.

Hm, I’m also kind of trying to get this theme to look at bare as possible. It’s well on its way, but I can do more...

Finally, here’s some random image I had on my computer, to test out how easy it is to upload these things. [Bonus] points if you can name the game (though this is fan art). Oh wait, Windows Live Writer gets access denied when trying to upload an image. Interesting. Oh wait again. Looks like you have to upload once to start from the web with in order to create the Picasa album that stores the images. After that, uploading from WLW seems to work. Could use a better error message there.



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