Ice Station Zero

Disclaimer: this is entirely not in keeping with the general theme of this blog. Read at your own risk.

When I used to go to lots of concerts in the D.C./Baltimore area, one band that I saw a few times was called Ice Station Zero. They were a pretty much straight up rock band that I think I heard referred to on more than one occasion as "clown rock," for some reason. They didn't quite have anything to do with clowns, but if you listen to their music you might find the descriptor strangely appropriate.

Music-wise, they were fairly heavy, a little unpolished, but definitely had their own sound. The guitar riffs were pretty catchy, and I remember liking watching their drummer, who drummed in sock feet. Their singer, as I remember, looked quite a bit like the infamous Jimi Haha of Jimmy's Chicken Shack fame. I remembered them digging through my archived MP3s and rediscovering how interesting they were to listen to.

So why did I write this blog post (inappropriately, as the disclaimer noted)? Because when I went to do a web search on them, I found almost nothing on them. They are mentioned (no description) on two hits in twice as many pages of search results, and have their only album's lyrics replicated on a number of lyrics sites. It's a shame to see a good band fade out of existence without a respectable farewell. This is hardly respectable, but it is a farewell.

See ya, Ice Station Zero, and thanks for the good times.


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